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Amy Smart Net Worth

Amy Smart Net Worth

Amy Lysle Smart net worth, wiki & biography:

Amy Smart is a well known celebrity including a former model. Performing is the source, which has added lots of sales to Amy Smart net worth, that continues to be said to reach $16 million dollars right now. Amy Smart’s dad was employed as a salesman and her mom was working in a museum. After dancing, she changed her interest into modeling and went to Italy. There, she met another model, Ali Larter, with whom she soon became quite good friends. Additionally, when the two of them were living in LA, additionally they attended performing lessons together. Before she began to get parts in movies, in 1993 Amy Smart appeared in a music video by The Lemonheads, that has been called “It’s About Time”. Her first appearance in a film was by a producer Martin Kunert, the film being called “Campfire Tales”. In 1997, she got a minor role in a movie called “Starship Troopers”. Additionally, she appeared in TV series called “The 70s”, where she got a part of a girl surviving in Ohio.

Amy Smart Net Worth $16 Million

In addition, in this film, she appeared along with her modeling buddy Ali Larter. So, her performing career started and year after year it began to add larger and larger amounts to Amy Smart net worth. In 1999, she was casted to get a little part on the TV show called “Felicity”, where she remained till 2001. All the films also improved the overall amount of Amy Smart net worth. In 2005, she appeared in among the main movies of hers, which was “Just Friends”. In this picture, she appeared alongside Ryan Reynolds. The film proved to be a significant success, with reaching a worldwide box office of more than 50 million dollars. In 2003, Amy Smart made an appearance in a favorite TV series called “Scrubs”, where she was casted to get a part of Jamie Moyer. These recent appearances additionally have added lots of sales to Amy Smart net worth.

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