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Dave Chappelle Net Worth

Dave Chappelle Net Worth

Dave Chappelle net worth, wiki & biography:

Dave Chappelle net worth has been said to reach an approximation of 30 million dollars. An enormous part of his net worth comes from his participation in the film business. Dave Chappelle is known to be an actor, comic, film producer and screenwriter. All these engagements raise Dave Chappelle net worth by a mile. Dave moved to The Big Apple to seek for a livelihood as a comic shortly after. Dave began his profession as a stand-up comedian and regularly appeared at the Apollos Theater Amateur Night. Shortly dave became a quite known comic in the humour circuit of The Big Apple.

Dave Chappelle Net Worth $30 Million

In 1993, Dave was selected to play in the film called Robin Hood: Men in Tights when he was 23 years old. The film was produced by Mel Brooks. After the appearance in the film, Dave Chappelle got some minor roles in different movies and tired some TV series pilots, yet, unsuccessfully. His first huge part that has been successful was in the film called Half Baked which premiered in 1998. Everything came back when dave got his own TV show called Chappelles Show which was aired on the Comedy Central station. The introduction of it was in 2003 and it got a large number of viewership. Therefore, in addition, it raised Dave Chappelle net worth a lot. The shows first two seasons were quite successful. However, Comedy Central still aired TV series without dave appeared on it because the show was really adored by the crowd. Additionally, Dave Chappelle got the 43rd place in the list made by Comedy Central which featured 100 Best Stand Up Comedians ever. But the star is not appearing on the TV display and film business. Now Dave Chappelle lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio, jointly with his wife and their two sons. However, his career in film company raised Dave Chappelle net worth by a mile.

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