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Jackie Christie Net Worth

Jackie Christie Net Worth

How rich is Jackie Christie?

Jackie Christie Net Worth:
$10 Million

Birth date: 7 July 1969,
Birth place: Seattle, Washington
Profession: Actress, model, producer
Education: Singapore
Nationality: American
Spouse: Cherie Wang
Children: Chantel Christie, Takari Lee, Douglas Christie Jr.
TV shows: Basketball Wives LA


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Jackie Christie net worth, wiki & biography:

The most contentious and strange cast member in the chain Jackie Christie. The woman who considers herself a mentor to the girls as if there’s something important she is reached to giver that title. Regardless of the strikes and shots the other girls make towards her on a routine off camera cast members Malaysia, Draya, Gloria and Laura acknowledge they keep in contact together with her and sometimes get together. Jackie’s smack speaking mightn’t get her the most likes but it is done something to keep her on the show for the next season. VH1 allegedly offered her over $100,000 in the third season.

Jackie Christie Net Worth $10 Million

Jackie’s oldest daughter Takari Lee really isn’t the daughter of her present husband Doug. She was born in 1990 and is Jackie’s first kid. Jackie didn’t get a relationship with Takari’s dad but Takari promises she kept in touch with her daddy growing up. It had been Jackie’s mom who passed away in 2012 that took care of Takari while Jackie was on the trail with Doug.

Takari now has two sons. She’d her first when she was 22 and her mother Jackie enabled her to stay in among Jackie’s houses that she possessed in California. Every year the couple celebrate their anniversary with a different marriage ceremony. Buffs got a glance over their over zealous services to the initial two seasons of the show. It is uncommon to discover relationships, notably with professional sportsmen, last but Jackie says she understands the best way to deal with her guy. Throughout the peak of Doug’s career he adored her so much that he even asked Jackie to travel with him. I think Doug had not been feeling any groupie love. During Doug’s NBA career rumors circulated that Jackie was incredibly protective of her guy attending every game. So much so that she’d not let female reporters interview Doug.

The both of them met via a common friend named Stevie P. Stevie went to high school with Doug and told Jackie he’d be perfect for her. The two of them was modeling in the time and Doug was actually into vogue. In the two of them’s narrative Stevie talked about Doug’s standing in school, how he wore fine cologne and clothes and was smooth with all the women. He was a basketball star and in the time he was in school. When Doug came back home to Seattle to see family throughout the Winter break Stevie called Jackie to meet the ladies at an area Sports Bar. The ladies had their first date in the pictures.

It turned out to be a match made in paradise and Doug was open to Jackie’s daughter Takari. Takari maintains the secret for their union is their friendship. Jackie and her husband do everything collectively, store, see films, work out and celebration. Jackie also considers he is never cheated on her and declares she’s never been with anyone else in their union. Doug is the love of Jackie’s life. Jackie’s motive for joining the show was to shift people’s understanding of basketball wives. She’s her very own company and success beyond her guy. Her mom Jackie and Doug co-wrote their very first novel “No Ordinary Love” detailing their relationship. She’d also started composing 4 other novels which never printed.

The reality series recorded the couple balancing their private lives with company enterprises. Jackie tossed several show suggestions to various networks but nothing caught on. In the time Jackie maintains she never saw the initial version with Evelyn and Shaunie. Jackie started her very own fashion line, began composing more novels as well as developed a pornography together with her husband Doug.

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