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Jon Cryer Net Worth

Jon Cryer Net Worth

Jon Cryer net worth, wiki & biography:

Jon Cryer is rolled up his net worth through really being a successful performer. Now, he’s mainly referred to as a star in the TV series called “Two and a Half Men”. For each episode of the season, he could be bringing in 650 thousand dollars, therefore, this quantity of money raises the overall sum of Jon Cryer net worth, at the same time. As well as appearing on TV, Jon Cryer is also called an actor from various films. Initially, Jon Cryer began to get recognition when he appeared in various TV shows and comedies during 1980s. Yet, now he’s mainly remembered in the TV show “Two and a Half Men”. It’s been understood that Jon Cryer is now the 2nd best paid man on television, while the primary place is inhabited by Ashton Kutcher who continues to be said to receive 750 thousand dollars for each episode where he appears. Ashton Kutcher was replaced after Charlie Sheen was removed in the show.

Jon Cryer Net Worth $45 Million

Moroever, Jon Cryer is recalled in the film called “Pretty in Pink” which premiered in 1986. In the movie, Jon Cryer impersonated a part of Duckie. The film became an international success and added lots of sales to Jon Cryer net worth. Jon Cryer grew up in a household, members of which were all involved into playing. His part in the previously mentioned film “Pretty in Pink” opened him lots of doors to other movies and TV series. He was casted to appear in lots of popular TV shows and TV series. More than 225 episodes are aired already. Along with this, Jon Cryer is called a voice actor, that’s just another source of Jon Cryer net worth. He’s expressing lots of advertising on radio television for Wells Fargo. In a interview during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno he declared that he would wed Lisa Joyner. In 2007 he wed her in Mexico.

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